Andreas Mastichis

Andreas Mastichis

Head of Technology Implementation

Mr Mastichis is a technology professional with many years of practical technology engagements in a variety of technologies.

Among the technologies Mr Mastichis was involved, are , cybersecurity systems, fraud management, robotic process automation, and others.

He holds a UK degree in computer science completed in 2008 and has many years of knowledge and experience in various fields of IT ranging from technical, software development, databases, enterprise systems and cyber security to customer support and sales in many fields. He is dedicated to his work and has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of IT applications and troubleshooting.

Mr Mastichis is always eager to learn new technologies and adapt and evolve to be part of the new digital challenges He is very confident in analyzing systems and security concerns in businesses and very capable in transforming complex operations into simple ones, by use of smart technologies.

Mr Mastichis can easely adapt to a multicultural environment due to working and living abroad for a long time. ▪ He is a good communicator having served for years in supporting clients roles He is also a great team player and leader when assisting organisations to adopt and implement new technologies.

Currently Mr Mastichis holds the position of Head of Technology with Innovage Consulting.