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About us

We are a boutique consulting firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, focusing on supporting organisations, innovate, introduce new technologies, acquire new skills, and solve challenges.

Utilizing our own, well tested methodologies, we offer training and support in all aspects of the quality thinking process. Our unique approach helps executives understand how they should handle innovation so that it becomes part of their organization’s unique culture. Our strategic approach to innovation helps organizations become self-sufficient and capable. We help teams develop and manage their own innovation system so that they do not rely continuously on external support and outsourcing.

Utilising an extensive Partner and Associate Network, c we are are able to provide comprehensive products and services that make innovation, and quality thinking and core competencies. This enables organizations to take advantage of the tremendous, usually unexploited, power of their intellectual capital.

We assist organizations in setting up strategic targets; monitor and manage performance evaluate and exploit the potential of their intellectual capital; s and meet their challenges.

Core Team

Dr Costas Konis

CEO and Founder

Cleopatra Karayianni

Head of Consulting and Advisory

Maria Koni

Head of Marketing and Communication

Andreas Mastichis

Head of Technology Implementation

Christina Koni

Special Trainer and Event Coordinator

Lambros Ioannou

Head of Training and Business Development

Our Services


We consider our Consulting and advising activities unique as we have developed our own methodologies that allow us to identify the real problems. We work side by side with our clients utilising our own system of measuring agreed performance. In short, we are strong believers of “real value consulting” and quality thinking.


We believe that training has value only if it addresses and contributes to improving real world problematic business situations. When we are asked to train business executives, we spend a lot of time analyzing situations and agreeing objectives with our clients before we get in the training room.


We believe that science and technology are there to serve humanity in all aspects. Businesses, organisations and individuals. This is our starting point. Utilizing an international network in academia and business and a continuously enhanced knowledge and information system, we manage to identify and recommend, the very best technologies that help organisations meet challenges, improve performance and differentiate. We are very proud that we have had the opportunity to work closely with prestigious technology vendors from all over the world that supported our clients and which include some of the best organisations in our area.



  • Dr Konis is a man of essence!

    Dr Konis is a man of essence! Everyday he adds real value to professionals giving them the business tools and the inspiration to create happy and productive work environments An excellent storyteller, Costas energizes people, transforming them into passionate resourceful humans, pursuing excellence!

    Michalis Papadopoulos
    Manager Corporate Customers, CYTA, Cyprus
  • We had the pleasure of working with Dr Konis for many years

    We had the pleasure of working with Dr Konis for many years in the area of creativity and innovation. Dr Konis has also been involved in major strategic projects of the Marfin Popular Bank as group leader and external facilitator. Our cooperation has always been excellent and fruitful and we are very happy that we have worked with him

    Christiana Christodoulidou
    Human Resources Training and Development Manager, Marfin Popular Bank, Cyprus
  • Listening to Dr Konis

    Listening to Dr Konis was unarguably a great learning experience both for myself and JCI members, a Worldwide Federation Of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Dr Koni’s presentations combine knowledge, determination advanced intellect and above all enthusiasm. He really possesses the qualities of both a master innovator and motivator!

    Nicolas Morphitis, BA,MSc
    JCI Cyprus National President, A Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • As the financial editor of a major daily publication

    As the financial editor of a major daily publication with special interest in the area of technology and innovation here in Cyprus, I have been following the work of Dr Konis for many years. Without hesitation I consider him to be the guru of innovation of our country. Dr Konis is a constant innovator of approaches and systems, a producer of ideas and an excellent presenter. He is a very authentic person and the major contributor of many programs and projects.

    Chryso Antoniadou
    Financial Editor and Media Consultant, Cyprus
  • The fast changing business world of today

    The fast changing business world of today is much different from the one just a few years ago. Success in today’s competitive environment requires new thinking, new ideas and innovation. That is exactly what Dr Konis does! He transfers his knowledge in a way that can be applied to everyday situations, providing us with the tools we need for success today!

    Doros Eliodorou
    Head Group Human Resources, Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd, Cyprus
  • Costas is a presenter, who differs from all others

    Costas is a presenter, who differs from all others. In a training environment, he manages to develop a unique relaxed environment that nobody feels, he is the wisest man in the room. Costas believes so much in what he teaches that you feel you can rely and trust him without reservation.

    Tiina Tambaum
    Head of knowledge Transfer Centre, Tallinn University, Estonia
  • It has been a pleasure attending Dr Koni’s innovation workshop

    It has been a pleasure attending Dr Koni’s innovation workshop. Great ideas with different perspective on how we can best use our brain! Dr Konis is a master motivator. I sincerely believe that his teaching can help practitioners facing the competitive business world of today succeed.

    Mohammad Farish Nizar Othman
    Senior Vice President, Finance, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • After 10 years of loyal service on the Board of the European Association for the Transfer of Technology

    After 10 years of loyal service on the Board of the European Association for the Transfer of Technology, Innovation and Industrial Information, first as representative of the affiliate members, and thenrepresenting Cyprus, Dr Costas Y. Konis was elected by the members at TII’s Annual General Meeting to the “Jury d’honneur. The Board and Secretariat of the Association wish Dr Konis every success in his exciting new venture with Innovage Consulting and look forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration in the years to come.

    Christine Robinson
    Secretary General, TII L-1118 Luxembourg
  • Being one of the most awarded advertising agencies in Greece

    Being one of the most awarded advertising agencies in Greece , we believe in creativity more than anything else. Dr. Costas Konis, helped us stimulate our creative thinking even more and guided us in “mind trips” we never thought that existed. We thank him and from now on, we consider him as our “official creative trainer.

    Vassilis Vassos
    Client Service Director, UpSet!, Athens, Greece
  • I consider myself

    I consider myself among the ones that confront with reserve the … “wise men of the market”, that through seminars propose reversals to the classical and well-tried approach methods of every issue. More than this, Dr. Costas Konis and his team in “Innovage” have been (allow me to exaggerate) an upheaval surprise. He cancelled every single reservation that I had, with his unique way and his skills that lead your mind to “thinking the unthinkable”. It seems that in our century… spell-binders do exist!

    Yanis Kakoulidis
    Chairman & Managing Director, UpSet!, Athens, Greece

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