Lambros Ioannou

Lambros Ioannou

Head of Training and Business Development

Meet Mr. Ioannou, a highly skilled and experienced professional, with a diverse background in soft skills training and business development. He embarked on his academic journey by studying Science in Applied Multimedia at the University of Nicosia, earning his Bachelor’s degree. His passion for design led him to pursue a Master of Arts in Design at AKTO Athens, a program validated by Middlesex University in Britain.

During his time in Cyprus, Mr. Ioannou was a dynamic freelance designer and entrepreneur, showcasing his creativity and innovation. Notably, he played a crucial role in creating and managing television programs for the local TV channel Sigma. As a committed educator, he also devoted time to being a multimedia software tutor, nurturing young minds with his expertise.

Expanding his horizons in Glasgow, Scotland, after completing his Master’s degree, Mr. Ioannou harnessed his impressive negotiation and communication skills while conducting in-depth interviews with IT managers of leading companies at Pexel. His invaluable contribution enabled the collection of extensive data for research purposes.

Returning to his home country in 2010, Mr. Ioannou co-founded Mbloo, a thriving graphic and web design company. Over the last seven years, he has successfully managed and completed numerous design projects for well-established companies on the island. His expertise spans from creating captivating online presences for businesses to designing compelling marketing materials that elevate branding.

Currently, as the Head of Training and Business Development at Innovage Consulting in Nicosia, Mr. Ioannou continues to make a significant impact. He diligently manages training programs, identifying and addressing the specific needs for employee development. With his exceptional soft skills and business acumen, Mr. Ioannou ensures that Innovage Consulting remains at the forefront of excellence in training and business growth.